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Animal Health and Behaviour

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Welcome to Animal Health and Behaviour!


Animals can have sore backs, muscles and joints in the same way as humans and although they are unable to tell us exactly what they are feeling, they too can benefit from physical therapy.  Pets, working and competition animals of all types and ages, can experience wear and tear, whether through their lifestyle, training or accidents.  Physical therapy not only helps to speed up healing and recovery time but also allows your animal to reach their maximum potential, helping them to achieve optimum health, performance and well-being.


Many behavioural and training issues in animals are linked to pain and tension in the body and can often be resolved once  physical problems have been addressed. As a fully qualified McTimoney Animal Therapist and experienced Tellington Ttouch Practioner,  Lorna is able to use a combination of her skills to offer the best treatment, rehabilitation and training programme for your animal.




Why seek help?


Most animals will try to work through varying degrees of discomfort  due to their good nature and the body’s ability to compensate.


Animals will continue to adapt the way they move and hold themselves, but there is only so much the body can take before it starts to break down. If physical problems are not addressed they can lead to reduced mobility, premature ageing (ie. arthritis) and other health and behavioural  issues.



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