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“For optimum health, performance and wellbeing”

TTouch is useful in working with a number of situations, including:
Behaviour...Most strategies for dealing with animals with behavioural problems are concerned with making the owner’s life easier, with little regard for the reasons behind the behaviour in the first place.  Ttouch work recognises the relationship between emotional, physical and mental health and that bringing one into balance does the same for the others.  A combination of Ttouch bodywork and groundwork helps animals and owners have more awareness, gain confidence and learn how to focus.

Stress...Stress can manifest itself in many different ways.  Some may be more obvious than others and include being hyperactive, withdrawn, inappropriate urination, separation anxiety and compulsive chewing but we must remember the effect that too much stress can have on general health too.  Stress increases heart and respiration rates, compromises the immune system and interferes with normal digestive function. Holding patterns and bad posture caused by stress can lead to muscular pain and discomfort as well as arthritis and may cause changes in behaviour as the animal is reluctant be be handled or participate in normal activities.

Insecurity...Like stress, insecurity can also manifest itself in many different ways.  Most people will recognise animals that have separation anxiety or very timid as being insecure but will not realise that animals labelled as “dominant” and “aggressive” are also behaving in this way due to insecurity.

Health...Tellington Ttouch should not be used as alternative to proper veterinary care, however it can be used to promote recovery from injury, surgery and illness due its ability to ease stress and pain.  Ear work has been used to help settle animals during veterinary examinations, to help with colic symptoms whilst waiting for the vet and to speed up recovery from anaesthetic.  Following injury/surgery Ttouch can be used to restore awareness and function to damaged areas and restore function without putting undue stress on other parts of the body.

Training...Tellington TTouch can help with many training and socialisation issues by reducing stress, teaching the animal act rather than re-act, and by helping to improve self-confidence, self-control and focus.  Animals actually learn to learn and become much more willing and happier pupils!

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