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Some common problems that can be helped by Lorna’s coaching...

“I’ve just bought a new horse but I haven’t  ever had a proper lesson.  I would like to improve my confidence and build a real rapport with my horse as well as improving my riding.”


“My horse bucks when I ask him to lengthen his stride and  is generally reluctant to go forwards. I would like to do Dressage competitions with him in the future  but  I feel that we are stuck in a rut.”


“I would like  to know what exercises I can do with my horse from the ground.  I have tried lungeing him but he looks very unbalanced and  that’s not how I’d like him to go when I ride him”


“ My horse used to jump really well but has recently started rushing and knocking the poles.  I don’t know what to do”



Riding Coaching

Lorna is a British Horse Society Accredited Professional Coach and has been coaching riders of all ages, levels and disciplines in a fun and inspiring way for many years.  She combines her traditional BHS training with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the horse due to her experience as a Ttouch Practitioner and McTimoney Animal Therapist.   


She has also been influenced by the work of Peggy Cummings and Sally Swift and all her pupils are encouraged to develop a ‘feel’ correct movement of the horse which is often lost by the growing use and dependence on gadgets or gismos. As well as improving their riding skills, pupils will gain a greater awareness and understanding of how their own posture directly influences the way the horse moves.  Once this is fully understood the rider has many tools both on and off the ground that can help them to achieve their maximum potential purely by working with the movement of the horse and without the use of force or dominance. With correct ‘feel’ the rider is able to work the horse in a beneficial way, helping them to achieve greater physical strength and balance.


Lorna can teach you how to overcome common riding issues and develop a true partnership with your horse, helping you to achieve your full potential in your chosen area.  All lessons are tailored to the individual and can be ridden or include ground work and bodywork depending on the rider’s wishes and what would be most beneficial for the horse at that given time.



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