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What is McTimoney Animal Manipulation?


McTimoney is a non-invasive, holistic  therapy concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of physical disorders/imbalances in animals.  During a McTimoney treatment the whole of the animal's body is assessed for any misalignments with special attention to the spine, as it  houses  and protects the spinal cord.


A minor  misalignment or subluxation describes a joint that has become fixed causing reduced range of movement in the joint, muscle spasm and nerve irritation.   As well as causing pain, discomfort and reduced performance it may also affect general health due to irritation of the nerves exiting the spine to the rest of the body.  Sometimes there may be more subtle changes in behaviour that indicate there is a problem.


A thorough physical assessment  will identify problem areas as well as areas of asymmetry and other signs indicative of  injury and compensatory movement patterns.


The most common causes for subluxations in animals are repetitive strains, slips and falls and compensations for other conditions, although just as in humans, emotional and chemical stressors can also put the body under  strain.


How  does it work?


McTimoney uses gentle manipulation techniques to adjust vertebrae and other joints that have become misaligned.  The light quick thrusts are applied to specific vertebrae, releasing muscle spasm and restoring normal joint motion.  The speed and direction of the adjustments is what makes them so effective, rather than the use of force and therefore most animals readily accept the treatment and have excellent results,  and owners like it because no anaesthetic or drugs are needed.