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Which treatment does my animal need?


Whether a Tellington Touch session or a McTimoney treatment is requested a thorough case history, static assessment and gait analysis will be carried out.  This will enable the practitioner to get a thorough picture of the animal’s lifestyle, any previous problems injuries and  changes in performance/behaviour that have led the owner to seek help.



Some people will specifically request a Tellington Touch Training session for their animal and during this session the emphasis will be on  increasing body awareness, reducing tension and improving balance and coordination through the use of ground exercises and Ttouch.  In some cases the practitioner may advise the owner to book in a McTimoney treatment where misalignments are evident and the animal would benefit and make faster more profound improvements following treatment.  


Equally many owners will specifically request a McTimoney treatment for their animal.  McTimoney adjustments will be used to re-align and re-balance the musculoskeletal system, restoring mobility  and improving function of the nervous system.  Ttouch and additional mobilisation techniques may be used as part of the treatment session where appropriate.


Some owners may wish to book a separate Tellington Touch session or riding lesson (for horse owners) to help their animal obtain maximum benefit from McTimoney treatment and obtain optimum health and performance for their animal.



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