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How many McTimoney treatments will my animal need?

The number and frequency of treatments needed varies between animals and is dependent on what is found by the practitioner, how long the problem has been going on, as well as the animal’s age, conformation, fitness, symptoms and type of work.

Following an initial assessment some animals will only need one or two subsequent treatments a couple of weeks apart to put them back on track.  With more severe or long standing problems several treatments may be necessary and these will be gradually spread out until the musculoskeletal system is functioning at its optimum level.

With all cases it is vital that the owner takes on board any aftercare advice regarding training and management that is given by the practitioner.  Certain exercises will aid and speed up recovery as well as help to maintain alignment and function of the spine and nervous system.  

Regular maintenance treatments act as injury prevention, help to prevent minor stiffnesses becoming painful muscle and joints and help to maintain optimum health, performance and wellbeing.  Some owners will choose to have their animals treated on a monthly basis and other will have check ups once or twice a year.  There are no hard and fast rules, just whatever works best for you and your animal!


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