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What is Tellington Ttouch Training?


Tellington Ttouch Training is a teaching method for all animals that incorporates body work and ground exercises to  help  improve  co-ordination, balance, and  athletic  ability.   It helps to change the animal’s expectation, or alter a negative association with certain situations by influencing the nervous system in a positive way.


Many animals have certain holding patterns due to posture, training or injury. The pattern of pain and blocked awareness /use of parts of the body can create stress on distant areas, which must overwork to compensate. Such chronic distress effects performance as well  as general health, ‘mood’ and behaviour.


The technique itself was developed   by    Linda    Tellington-Jones and has its roots in the Feldenkrais method of   Awareness  Through  Movement used with humans.  Non-habitual  exercises  are used  to  alter  existing habitual patterns inducing the animal to activate any available alternate neuromuscular pathways to restore function. The awareness it brings often relieves associated pain.


As  posture  affects  behaviour, many owners  notice that unwanted behaviour diminishes as the animal’s posture improves. With continued exposure to TTEAM, animals develop more ability to operate in a calm, focused mode. Responses to new situations become less automatic and more considered. The animal learns to learn.


Tellington Touch training blends well with many other modalities and teaching methods.  It is not necessary to learn the whole TTouch approach to help the animals in your care. Learning just a few of the body TTouches by working with a trained Practitioner or attending a workshop can make a difference to an animal's life.