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Why should my animal have physical therapy?


Body tissues including bones, muscles and ligaments adapt to the physical demands placed upon them.   Physical exercise and movement increases strength, refines muscle tone, improves circulation, removes toxins, stimulates healing and regeneration and generally keeps the body working efficiently.   Anything that reduces mobility has a detrimental effect on these functions and can lead to premature ageing, degeneration of the body tissues and other health issues.  Proprioception (awareness of where your body is) is also known to decline with lack of movement and when there is nerve interference.


All too often animals are wrongly  labelled as being stubborn, lazy or nasty when they are merely reacting to restrictions in their body and unable to respond as we would like them to


McTimoney adjustments restore mobility to spinal joints and allow the body to use its self healing ability to restore optimum function to the nervous system.  Tellington Ttouch training can be likened to Pilates in the human world, helping to strengthen the core muscles that support the spine and increasing general flexibility and balance, as well as helping with an array of behaviour or training problems.

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Benefits of treatment:


Relief from pain and discomfort


Relief from muscle tension and spasm


Improved muscle tone


Increased  circulation


increased suppleness and range of movement


Increased performance


Increased resistance to disease


Decreased risk of injury


Delay the ageing process


Reduced behavioural problems (due removal of pain/stress)


Maintain optimum function of the nervous system and  all body systems